Arancha Joulian Artist

Arancha began her artistic journey in Sydney, Australia, where she completed a degree in Visual Arts followed by a career as an Art and Visual Communication Design teacher.

She has travelled extensively throughout the world, exploring many cultures and diverse landscapes, which has shaped her into the artist she is today.

As a practicing artist Arancha explores the transformative effects to the mind and soul gained through that extensive world travel and journeys to far flung and often remote locations. She creates each artwork by capturing the essence and connection of both the exterior and interior world through landscape and colour which in turn produces artworks that are meditative and contemplative in nature. The experiences and influences absorbed during her time on the road have become the symbols of her work, the connecting tissue between travel and emotion. The vivid horizons divide the canvas and reveal both a strength and softness, where colour and emotion, texture and memory always prevail.

Arancha’s art works can be found in various forms including acrylics on canvas as well as her more recent exploration into wood and prints. Her tables and stools are functioning art works and her paintings will illuminate any interior space.